About Us

Before creating Cleanrth, we worked in our family business of apartment rentals and maintenance for more than twenty years. Cleanrth came about because of the need over the years to rid multiple buildings and apartments of insects, bats, and other pests.

Eventually, we tackled the problem of how to reduce the number of flies and other flying insects near our front porch light, or even more importantly – away from our food. The common solutions all have their problems…
-Flypaper is gross
-Fly Swatters make a mess
-Zappy Bulbs are noisy, messy, and they have to be scraped clean

We finally had that ‘aha’ moment when we figured out a way to turn the problem of insects being attracted to light into the solution. We transformed a common lightbulb into an easily cleaned insect trap and that is how the FlyLight was born.

We are still a family-run business, and as people and as a company, we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. We know this can be a frustrating issue and we want to help eliminate your pest issues with our devices and be here to help you when a stubborn problem arises.

With that said, please feel free to contact us if an issue arises.
Through the CleanrthFlylight.com online portal
Phone: 1-855-707-7075
E-Mail : info@cleanrth.com